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What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Oil?

Regular service may seem like an unnecessary expense to some Farragut drivers. So you may be asking yourself, “What happens if you don’t get your oil changed?” Can you get away with not changing your oil? The short answer is no. Regular oil changes prevent stale and polluted oil from damaging your engine. You should change your oil twice-yearly, depending on your driving habits. Consult your owner’s manual for your car’s maintenance schedule. Overdue? Schedule an appointment at our service center! See below for more information on what happens if you don’t change your oil.

What Does Motor Oil Do?

The motor oil acts as a lubricant for your engine. Oil has the following roles in operating your vehicle:

  • Det Conergents in the motor oil helps clean the varnish from the engine.
  • When you change your oil regularly, motor oil helps to neutralize acids that form from fuels, improve piston ring seals, and cool the engine by moving heat away.
  • Motor oil protects your car parts from wear and tear by reducing friction.
  • Motor oil with dispersants cleans sludge and debris from the engine.

What happens if you don’t change your oil is simple: Your car wears down faster, performance wanes, and bad oil causes costly damage that will cost more than a routine oil change does.

How Often Should I Change My Vehicle’s Oil?

Lenor City drivers can go 7,500 to 10,000 miles between oil changes. If you drive long distances every day, you will have to get your oil changed more often. Check the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual for the recommended time between oil changes. Don’t wait until you’re asking yourself, “What happens if you don’t change your oil?” Check your oil regularly to ensure there’s enough fresh oil to keep your car performing at its best.

How Do I Change the Oil Myself?

If you’re asking yourself, “what happens if you don’t get your oil changed,” then you’re probably trying to avoid an unnecessary expense. You can circumvent the expense of a trip to our service center by doing it yourself! Check your owner’s manual to determine what type of oil your vehicle requires. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your engine is cold, and then jack up your car with jack stands or steel ramps.
  2. Place an oil basin underneath the oil drain plug. Unscrew the plug and allow the oil to drain out. When you’re sure the oil is completely drained, replace the plug.
  3. Locate your oil filter and remove it with an oil filter wrench. A bit of oil will drain out, so make sure you have the oil basin directly underneath it.
  4. Rub a bit of oil on the rubber seal that lines your new oil filter. Make sure your filter is watertight before moving on to the next step.
  5. Put the new oil filter in place, then tighten it by hand.
  6. Once you drain the old oil, remove your oil cap. Your owner’s manual gives directions for how much oil your car needs. Once you pour the correct amount of oil into your car, move on to the next step.
  7. Check your oil level by pulling out the dipstick to check if it’s between the minimum and maximum lines. If you’re low, add another ounce and recheck the oil level. Once you have the proper level reading, you’re all done!

Consult Ole Ben Franklin Motors For Maintenance Tips and More!

Now that you know what happens if you don’t change your oil, learn how to check your car oil at Ole Ben Franklin Motors! We can answer maintenance questions about replacing a car battery, how often you should rotate your tires, and more model specific questions by calling our service department! And if you’re due for service, take a look at our service specials to save money on maintenance expenses. Sevierville and Seymour drivers will enjoy the ease and convenience of getting your service needs met at Ole Ben Franklin Motors!

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