Car Brakes

How Long Do Car Brakes Last?

Are you wondering, “How many miles do brakes last?” Brakes last between 25,000 and 60,000 miles, depending on your model, driving conditions, and type of brake pads your car uses. Our guide will help you understand what influences brake wear and tear and how many miles brakes last. Learn more about the factors affecting how long car brakes last below then explore our guide if your car trembles when braking for more brake service tips

How Many Miles Do Brakes Last?

While the range of 25,000 miles and 60,000 for brake life is significant, and that’s because it’s impossible to give a definitive answer when there are so many different factors that influence how long brakes last. Some brake pads can hold out for as long as 80,000 miles while others need replacing around the 30,000-mile mark. Consult your owner’s manual for the recommended maintenance schedule for your make and model, and it will give you an exact timeframe from how long your brakes last and the factors that influence it.

OEM Brakes

When it’s time to get your brakes replaced, make sure you use OEM brake parts for the best fit and quality. The biggest benefit of choosing OEM parts is that they are made to fit your make and model and are the same brand as the original parts, ensuring your vehicle will operate at optimal performance. A member of our staff can help you order the correct part, or if you already know what you need, order a brake replacement online and have it shipped directly to our service center for professional installation.

What Factors Affect Brake Pad Life?

How long do car brakes last? How you drive and how often you drive play significant roles in how long your brakes last. Some factors include:

  • Driving Habits: If you brake hard instead of braking gradually, or ride the brakes rather than coast to a stop, your car brakes will wear out sooner.
  • Environment: Driving in the city requires faster braking and frequent brake use, making your brakes wear down quicker. Farragut highway drivers won’t have to replace their brakes as often as city drivers.
  • Brake Pad Material: Carbon-ceramic pads last longer than metallic pads, but they’re more expensive. Your owner’s manual will tell you what type of brake pads you have if you’re unsure.

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