What Does the Light On My Dashboard Mean?

Dashboard Lights


You’ve probably asked yourself, “What does the light on my dashboard mean?” A common and overwhelming experience for drivers is getting a dashboard light notification without knowing exactly what it means.. Each light on your dashboard has a specific function and it is important to know what each light means so you can keep driving around Sevierville in safety. Learn more about the meanings of these dashboard lights so that the question “What does the light on my dashboard mean” can be a question of the past with our help and expertise!

Dashboard Warning Lights & Their Meanings

Below are descriptions of less frequently used dashboard warning lights:

Engine Warning Lights:

  • Coolant Temp Warning – This light turns on if your coolant levels are off or leaking, or if your fan isn’t working properly.
  • Service Vehicle – If there is an electrical issue, the light will turn on.
  • Reduced Power Warning – If you see this, there is a malfunctioning part and you need to have the engine serviced.
  • Cruise Control – This light will stay illuminated as long as the cruise controls are on.

Brake System Warning Lights:

  • Brake System – This light means there is a braking issue, such as low amounts of brake fluid or if there is an ABS problem.
  • Traction Control or ESP – This light turns on when your vehicle’s electronic stability system is being used.

Safety & Informative Warning Lights:

  • Security Alert – This light alerts you of an open door or locked ignition switch.
  • Fog Lamp – This light will alert you to your fog lights being on.
  • Airbag Fault – This light appears if there is an airbag malfunction, indicating you’ll need to bring the vehicle in for a repair.
  • Washer Fluid Reminder – This light appears when washer fluid needs to be topped off.

Tires Warning Lights:

  • Tire Pressure Warning Light The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) has detected that one or more of your tires has a tire pressure rating that’s too low or too high. You should have your tires’ PSI adjusted to the recommended levels as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Learn More About Dashboard Warning Lights from Ole Ben Franklin Motors

If a dashboard light turns on that requires prompt attention or you don’t know what it means, bring your vehicle to our service center. Our highly trained technicians and knowledgeable staff can help diagnose your issue and are here to help you get back on the Sevierville and Seymour roads in no time. Contact us and make an appointment today!

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