Can You Trade in Two Cars for One?

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Trading in a vehicle is a great way to save money on a new vehicle. A lot of Farragut drivers with bad credit utilize trade ins to lower their monthly payments as well as possibly leverage a larger down payment to negotiate a lower interest rate. A lot of families are trying to get rid of used vehicles that they have maintained to get the vehicles of their dreams. This leads them to ask the question, “Can you trade in two cars for one?” Luckily, the finance team at Ole Ben Franklin Motors in Knoxville has provided a simple guide that shows you the best way to trade in two cars for one. Follow the guide below to help you during the car buying process. 

Can You Trade in Two Cars for a New Car? 

Sevierville shoppers looking to get the best deal possible are asking themselves, “Can you trade in two cars for a new car?” The answer to this question is usually yes. Most dealerships don’t have a company policy that strictly prohibits this. Dealerships, for the most part, would like to get as many drivers in their cars as possible and try to have consumer friendly policies that will help shoppers save money and get the best deal. Here are some pro tips to know before you start the car buying process. 

  • Explore options. Obtain appraisals from different dealerships in order to get the best possible value of your vehicle.
  • Know Your Equity. The trade in estimate and what you actually owe on your vehicle might be negative. If one or both of your vehicles are financed, this is vital to know whether or not it is worth the trouble to trade in.

Drivers asking themselves, “Can you trade in two cars for a new car,” should also take advantage of pre-approval, which gives them leverage during financing and looking for the best deals. 

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Now that we have answered the question, “Can you trade in two cars for a new car,” visit our dealership near Seymour to find the car of your dreams. Our finance specialists will help you get the best deal possible!

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