Causes of Engine Oil Leaks, Their Effects and The Best Way to Avoid a Leak

January 5th, 2022 by

Car oil

If you notice that your car is leaving behind puddles of liquid when it’s parked or idle, that could be the sign of an oil leak. Car oil has an important job to do, and it has a hard time doing it if it’s leaking out of your vehicle and decorating the street instead.

If you suspect an oil leak, then a trip to the service center at Ole Ben Franklin Motors should be your next stop.

Common Causes of Oil Leaks

Oil leaks can have many different causes. There are different parts in your car that provide a seal, preventing such leaks, and any issue with one of those components could end up causing a leak.

Our mechanics will usually look at the following parts in the event of an oil leak:

  • Oil filter
  • Oil drain plug
  • Oil pan gasket
  • Valve cover

If parts need to be fixed up or replaced, we’ll take care of it. Generally, that will fix the leak and get your car back into top shape.

Why Oil Leaks are Bad

Oil leaks can cause a variety of problems and safety hazards. In some cases, the leak could end up wearing down hoses and seals in your vehicle, which could result in a need for expensive service later on. A leak could also mean that your engine doesn’t have enough oil to operate properly, and that can cause more mechanical issues.

How to Avoid an Oil Leak

Avoiding oil leaks is easier if you make proper car maintenance a priority. Use the right oil, have it changed at the proper intervals, and make regular trips to our Mitsubishi service center.

If you want to learn more about proper car care and what we can do for you at our service center, visit our Mitsubishi dealership near Knoxville, TN. We’re ready to assist you with all of your automotive needs!

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