The Importance of Maintaining Your Car Battery

Drivers often overlook their car battery in their vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule. It’s easy to take for granted this silent and unassuming device. However, it is responsible for powering everything from your car’s starter to the sound system, and a neglected battery can mean trouble for your vehicle in the short and long term.

The chemistry that powers batteries may be intimidating but servicing your battery has never been easier. Our Mitsubishi dealership and service center put together this handy guide so you can know when it’s time to come in for an inspection.

Signs Your Car Battery Needs Attention

Over time, even the best batteries degrade, lose their charge, or fall victim to the natural wear and tear of car usage. Perhaps the most common way customers at our Mitsubishi service center will notice that something is wrong with their battery is a dimming of your car’s headlamps. In some cases, you might hear a click when starting the vehicle, or it might not turn on altogether.

With increasing interconnectivity with the fuel systems in modern cars, exhausted batteries can also have a dramatic impact on your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Whether dim headlights or unusual sounds, at the first sign of trouble, the best course of action is to schedule an appointment with our service center. In some cases, a battery might just need a charge, and in other cases, a new battery is the most economical option for your car.

A battery inspection is also a great opportunity to check up on the rest of your car as part of its regular maintenance. Our service center is fully equipped, so even if you need an oil change we’re ready and happy to serve.

Visit Ole Ben Franklin for Your Car Battery Needs

Don’t get left in the dark! It’s up to responsible drivers like you to keep ahead of things by scheduling regular battery service at Ole Ben Franklin Motors. Give us a call or visit our service center today to schedule your inspection.