How To Check Oil: A Simple Guide

Many new car owners have a long list of questions about how to take care of their vehicles, and one of the most common questions is how to check your oil. To help put your mind at ease, our dealership and Mitsubishi service center put together a simple guide to explain the basics of an oil check change.

How Do I Check My Car’s Oil?

To check your car’s oil, first, ensure that your Mitsubishi Mirage ES or other vehicle is turned off and set in the park either via the transmission or the parking brake and then open the hood. Next, locate your vehicle’s dipstick. This long metal rod usually has a yellow or red handle, making it easy to spot, and it only requires a slight pull to remove it.

Fully remove the dipstick and use a spare rag to wipe off any oil that is stuck to the rod. At the bottom of the metal stick, you will notice two lines cut into the metal. The bottom line indicates that your oil is starting to run low, and the top line marks a full tank of oil.

Once you’ve identified these markers, slowly reinsert the dipstick into its tube, and then remove it again. Take careful note of where the oil residue marks the metal rod. If it reaches the top line, your oil is topped off and ready to go. If it is in between the top and bottom lines, your car still has plenty of oil left, but should still be monitored regularly.

If the oil is at the bottom line or lower, your car requires more oil to function at the best of its ability. Wipe the dipstick, add more oil via the clearly marked port on your engine, and take another measurement to see how it looks.

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