Frequently Asked Questions About Car Battery Service

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Battery Service

Your car battery is a central part of your vehicle and, in order to maintain your car’s overall upkeep, it’s important to tend to this silent but vital component. Our Mitsubishi service center receives numerous questions from our community about car batteries, so we assembled this brief FAQ to best assist our friends and family on the search for a charge.

What does My Car Battery Do?

Most car batteries serve the function of starting, lighting, and igniting the engine with a quick burst of electricity. Once started, your vehicle’s alternator handles most of the heavy lifting, routing, and converting the electricity as needed by your vehicle’s many systems.

Your battery continues to support your car by providing additional jolts of energy as needed and taking over for all electricity supplied while your car’s engine is off.

What are the Signs of a Problematic Battery?

Signs of a battery in distress are usually not hard to spot. Sometimes, your headlights or cabin lighting will dim intermittently or the tone alerting you to an open door or unbuckled seatbelt might drop in pitch.

On occasion, batteries that are nearly depleted will not have enough charge to activate your car’s starter, rendering your vehicle inoperable until it receives a jumpstart or a replacement battery.

At any of these signs, the smartest drivers near our Mitsubishi dealership know to give our technicians a call. No matter what part of your car’s electrical system is exhibiting trouble, we can typically diagnose the issue in minutes and get you back on the road in no time flat.

How Can I Prevent Battery Trouble?

The best way to prevent issues from arising with your battery is to maintain a regular maintenance regimen with our service center. This way, we can identify issues before they make an impact in your vehicle and outfit your vehicle with a new battery or Mitsubishi parts before the problem becomes serious.

Trust Ole Ben Franklin with Your Battery Service

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