How to Buy Your Dream Car At Ole Ben Franklin Motors in Knoxville, TN

Buying a new car can be overwhelming. You have to start by figuring out which car you want to buy, who to purchase from and finally getting approved financing. With Ole Ben Franklin, we can help you get approved even with low or no credit.

Getting Approved for Financing

Getting approved financing is the most daunting part of buying a car. You have to get pre-approved for a loan and begin a process that takes some time. Possible lenders can be a credit union, online bank, a traditional bank or through the dealership you are buying from. Any of these organizations will weigh specific factors to determine if you can be approved for a loan and how much you can be given. The factors they would use include your credit score, credit history, Gross monthly income, term, simple interest, and so on. Sometimes, a low credit score or bankruptcy in the past can lower your chances of getting a loan or reasonable rates. This means you might not get your dream car after all. The wait can also be more frustrating than getting the loan. 

Buy Here Pay Here with Ole Ben Franklin Motors

Now, you might be wondering just how you can buy your dream car without so much financing worries. The simple answer is Ole Ben Franklin Motors Buy Here-Pay here financing service. Ole Ben Franklin Motors is proud to offer a Buy here-Pay here service to give you an opportunity to buy your dream car. Our onsite T and M Finance means we provide quick financing options for any credit level. However, we're not your traditional Buy Here, Pay Here bad credit financing car lot. Through T and M Finance, all of your monthly bad credit auto loan payments will be reported to the three major credit bureaus. We'll help you rebuild your credit over time with a low monthly payment that you can afford. 
Ole Ben Franklin Motors is well known for being reliable, with years of history in the automobile industry. We understand that good people can experience some credit challenges which goes a long way to determine your financing capacity. Ole Ben Franklin Motors provides you with a fast and comfortable way to purchase a car.  

Why Ole Ben Franklin's Buy Here-Pay here Financing Service Works Better for You.

   At Ole Ben Franklin Motors dealerships we pride ourselves in being able to provide you with excellent service from start to finish. Everything from selection to financing and finally delivery can be concluded in just one visit. You can start looking for the perfect car for you. When it comes to financing Ole Ben Franklin Motors provides options to suit any credit situations. If you have a credit score lower than 640, Ole Ben Franklin Motors can get you financed with unique plans. This is hardly possible with other lending organizations. Some people have experienced bankruptcy in the past or have no credit history. This could mean you won't be qualified for a car loan in the bank or from other lenders. Ole Ben Franklin Motors Buy Here-Pay here financing service allows you can still get a chance to rebuild your financial future through making consistent auto loan payments.  

Low Down Auto Payments at Ole Ben Franklin Motors

  Also, as part of our Buy Here-Pay Here financing service, we request low down payments to get you started on owning that perfect car. You get considerable simple interest rates and favorable terms which ensure less financing worries. We offer you an easy purchase process with our dealership. We are all about getting you that dream car you deserve with a short and hassle-free procedure. Ole Ben Franklin Motors is a tested and trusted dealership that provides complete auto financing solutions for our clients to purchase any car they desire. Get started today and buy your vehicle from Ole Ben Franklin Motors.  
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